Each Provinces Most Googled Word in 2017

At the end of the year Google releases tonnes of analytics and data, it can be entertaining to see what people around the world are looking for on the internet.  Thankfully for us, one man has done all of the hard work and found out just what Canadians are after from the world wide web.

Jeremy Hazan is a writer for MTLBlog.com, and he has conducted a list of what each province most Googled word was in 2017 (https://www.mtlblog.com/news/what-each-province-in-canada-googled-the-most-in-2017).  The results are hilarious, or in some cases just sad.  Let’s take a look:

British Columbia – YouTube

Makes sense, nothing like sitting back and watching some YouTube after smoking a joint.

Alberta – Weather

Because when you make so much money from oil and gas, you can’t be bothered to look out a window.

Saskatchewan – iPhone X

I would want an iPhone X too if I had nothing else to do.

Manitoba – Nothing

Hazan says “there’s nothing special about Manitoba’s searches, which is appropriate because there’s nothing special about Manitoba.”  Which came as a relief, as I thought thousands of people in Manitoba were searching the word ‘nothing’, just to see what happened.

Ontario – Beer

People in Ontario are waiting impatiently for the day you can type something into your computer, and it will magically appear.

Quebec – Porn

Because that is what the internet is for.  Quebec has always been known for class and culture.

Newfoundland and Labrador – Facebook

Wait, people are actually typing in Google.com, just so that they can look up Facebook?  Why not type in Facebook.com?  I wonder how many of them Google the word Google before they search something up.

New Brunswick – Meghan Markle

Why can’t you just look up porn like classy Quebec?

Prince Edward Island – Justin Trudeau

Apparently, they are a couple of years behind on the election results on the island.

Nova Scotia – Weed

See Ontario.

Yukon – Trump

Can’t blame them, he had been the most entertaining thing on the internet last year.

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