Justin Trudeau Makes Animated Debut on Colbert’s Trump Cartoon

‘Our Cartoon President’ is a spin-off of a celebrated skit from Colbert that features the dim-witted everyday life of president Trump. In the March 4 episode “State Dinner” Trump is fueled by jealousy for the good-looking Canadian world leader, Prime Minister Trudeau.

The episode is filled with gags pitting the two leaders against each other. Trudeau shows the US president up with an impressive handshake, an acoustic song about gender equality, and saving Trump’s life after choking on a moose bone. The show was generous with its admiration of our cartoon prime minister going as far as calling him the next president of the United States.

The episode finished with the world finding out that Trudeau used some underhanded tactics to gain the admiration of America but, they still loved him. Despite the many concerns Canadians have for their world leader, it turns out the US is completely infatuated with him.

Either way, thanks Trudeau for making Canadians look so good.

Author: Daily Ting