Enchanted Forest in BC is Like Something Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Canada is home to many unique spots and beautiful locations but, nothing quite like this fantasy dreamland hidden deep in the forests of BC.

Revelstoke, British Columbia is home to the Enchanted Forest, and it is like entering a real-life fairy tale with fantasy creatures and treehouses.  The site was initially opened in the 1950’s as a retirement project by Doris and Ernest Needham.  The couple had over a million visitors before they inevitably sold the site in 1970.

The tradition started by the Needham’s continues today with a new family operating the attraction.  Enchanted Forest now offers sites like a Winnie the Pooh clubhouse, a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves cottage, and each house for the Three Little Pigs.  There are 350 handcrafted sculptures dispersed around the forest and much more to explore.

The Enchanted Forest is also home to the largest treehouse in BC that sits 50 feet above the forest floor.  There are even more sites to discover like a giant mushroom, a castle, and a candy cane house.

The attraction is open from May until mid-October and be prepared to spend a full afternoon finding lots of fantastic things.

More information can be found on the Enchanted Forest website, here.

Author: Daily Ting