Spanish Go Crazy for New Tim Hortons in Madrid

It is no secret among Canadians that Tim Hortons offers one of the best coffees you can get for your toonie.  The news is spreading internationally.  Recently a Tim Hortons chain had opened in Glasgow to great success the franchise decided to spread to other European cities.

A Tim Hortons has opened its doors in Madrid, Spain on a favourite corner in Plaza Santo Domingo.  The building offers three-stories od spacious seating and has all the amenities that you would expect from the popular coffee shop.

The store opened to a line-up of eager customers, some of whom had waited for nearly 17-hours to be one of the first customers.  Worth the wait, the location offered free breakfast to the first 100 customers and a chance to win a trip to lovable, beautiful Canada.

Besides the standard Tim Hortons menu that we all love the location offers unique menu additions like fresh-squeezed orange juice, tostadas, and Dulce de leche doughnuts.  Despite the popular local favourites, Timbits reigned supreme as the cities baked good of choice.  And, even though customers had to wait in the cold they opted for the popular Iced Capp.

The new location in Spain marks another stop on Tim Horton’s world tour, which includes 4,600 stores in North America, the Middle East, Philippines, and Great Britain.

This news should also make Madrid a tourism destination for Canadians who cannot wake up without their double-double.

Author: Daily Ting