Canadians Are Not Sure What to Think About This Ketchup Cake Recipe

There are those among us who are proud to state that they put ketchup on everything and while it is easy to believe them there are some things that should be sacredly removed from the condiments touch.  Honestly, nobody is putting coffee in their coffee but, we didn’t really expect the sauce to make its way to desserts either.  But, ketchup cake is a very real thing, and people actually eat it- and some of them actually enjoy it.

Surprisingly, the recipe for the Great Canadian Ketchup Cake has been around for a while.  Created during Kraft Canada’s 100 years celebration, the formula has appeared on bottles of ketchup and on Kraft’s official website.

The recipe resembles another popular savoury treat, carrot cake, including similar spices, and cream cheese frosting.  Adding tomatoes does not seem so far stretched; the fruit is pretty versatile.  However, ketchups crucial other ingredient is vinegar, a strong flavour I do not want anywhere near my favourite pastries.

Ketchup chips may have become one of the countries favourite treats but, reviews from those brave enough to bake the Great Canadian Ketchup Cake have been mixed.  The vibrant red colour has been enough to turn some people off.

Author: Daily Ting