Dog Lovers May Find Paradise on This Canadian Island Full of Saint Bernards

Of the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia lays Lasqueti Island. Only reachable by a passenger ferry that makes about a dozen trips a week, weather permitting, it is perfect for those hoping to get off-the-grid. With a population of around 425 people, the 19 km island is popular with fisherman, artisans, and farmers. The residents are entirely self-sustained sourcing food directly from the island and relying on renewable energy. Though these positives are not the only reasons why Lasqueti is considered a utopia.

The island is home to an abundant number of dogs, specifically Saint Bernards. The dogs live freely and are handled by professional dog breeder Tikki Smith. The dogs are available for adoption and have won multiple awards in dog shows. This community of canines even have their own Facebook page, which you can find here.

The dogs are not intended as part of the island’s tourism, and the family will only accept visitors by appointment. But, residents of Lasqueti Island are often treated to flocks of Saint Bernards taking their morning walk.

Author: Daily Ting