This Bottle of Banff Air Carries the Modest Price Tag of $20,000

Vitality Air is a Canadian company that literally bottles air and sells it. Initially, the idea was meant as a joke but, surprisingly there was a market for canned mountain air. Sales are highest in countries that have significant air pollution and smog problems like China and India. Now, Vitality Air is a thriving business.

Their standard bottle of genuine Banff air costs a smooth $32 and contains as many as 160 one-second breaths. Each package is hand bottled (somehow) and stamped with the date it was canned, to ensure the freshest of air for customers. But, that’s not where Vitality Air stops.

The company now offers a limited edition 8L diamond bottle of Banff air, signed by popular rap artist 2chainz. What 2chainz has to do with canned air, or if he has ever been to Banff, Alberta we are unsure. But, with only ten available in the world the price tag is an astounding $20,000. To compensate Vitality Air will include ten additional bottles of their classic 8L Banff air, which almost makes it worth it.

Author: Daily Ting