Video Shows Man Riding Unicycle Through Snowstorm in Montreal

There is always one of those guys.  Every year we spend the morning shovelling snow, scraping the car windows, hopping into a frozen car and start driving with the gloves on as we swear at our car to warm up faster.  Then, as you are driving along, you see some nut-job riding his bicycle through 20-centimetres of snow.  He is the die-hard, the man who rides his bike to work no matter what.  And, every year he has us questioning how many times he slips, and how many pairs of gloves does he need to avoid frostbite?

Well, one Montreal citizen just stepped up the game.  As if bicycling to work in a snowstorm would be too easy, this man decides to do it on a unicycle.

Honestly, most of us would have a difficult enough time trying to get on a unicycle but, this man manages to stay vertical despite the ice and snow.  He even seems to be making decent time.

I am all for a cleaner planet and green transportation but, unicycle man, it is okay to take the bus once and a while.

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