The 3 best applications to manage your Gmail email

The absolute dominance of Gmail over other mail clients is quite patent. However, the official Gmail app does not convince everyone when it comes to managing our inbox. That is why we are going to recommend some alternatives that allow you to add a plus of effectiveness to your work organization.

We have selected three apps, Inbox, and Boomerang. Let’s analyze them so that you can clearly see their differences and know which one you may be interested in the most:


The first we recommend is Inbox, an app developed by the same Gmail team. It is the “official” bet for a better management of our mail. We can organize several accounts of the same client or focus on one in particular if we prefer.

Among its main utilities we will find the possibility of including reminders next to the emails, to be able to relate them to pending tasks. We also have the option to postpone emails, making them appear in our inbox later, helping us to take better control of the work by making us prioritize.

Another possibility that we have available is to group messages in different specific categories already created, such as Finance, Purchases or Forums. In this way, finding messages is much faster, and we do not have to go to the search engine. At a glance, we will have the mail within our reach.

Inbox contemplates our inbox as a list of pending tasks that must be solved, so it encourages us to “cross out” all the emails already read or not interested. We assign them a category and free space. If we are more interested in the attached links than the messages, we can create a list with those links of the different mails, and access them directly at other times.

The second option we offer is This app is specially designed to manage our newsletter subscriptions. Many times, we do not really know how to unsubscribe, and with, it ‘s just a matter of giving a button. Another case is that we do not want to unsubscribe, but we do want to have these communications more organized and isolated. In any case, helps us a lot to clean our tray of this type of messages, putting each one in its place.

If over the years you have found an accumulation of newsletters that you do not want, and you have assumed them as an inevitable evil, now you can get rid of them with this app. The only problem with is that it works exclusively in English. Although it is quite intuitive, for some it can be a difficulty.


The last app we recommend is Boomerang. It is optimized to be used only with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, and in essence, it is an alternative to Inbox. With this app, you can carry out some functions that are not available in the official Gmail app. For example, with the Boomerang function, we can “return” a message so that it reaches us later, when we want and it comes to us better.

We can also program the emails to be published later, and also, it offers us the possibility of having a follow-up of the answers to our messages, to confirm that they have been read.

With these three options, you will be able to improve the experience of your mobile mail, making the inbox cleaner and take control of your day today

Author: Daily Ting