Canadian Women Ranked the Sexiest Accents in the World

Canadian girls may not be southern bells, or have the mystery of some other foreign accents but, they may have a new claim to the title of sexiest accents in the world.

The website Ranker has started a poll to distinguish just which women make the sexiest sounds.  The fan-voted website offers 20 of the most distinct voices from all corners of the globe.  With nearly 600 voters making their choices Canada currently sits on top with 64% of voters agreeing that Canadian women have it all.

The surprising decision has English speaking Canadians on top of the Irish, Spanish, and French dialects.  The voting continues; there is a chance that our women may be knocked out but, the fact that our Canadian accents are even in the discussion for #1 is flattering and exciting.

The full list as they are ranked today is:

  1. English (Canada)
  2. English (Irish)
  3. English (Australian/Kiwi)
  4. English (UK)
  5. Spanish (Spain)
  6. French
  7. Italian
  8. English (Scottish)
  9. Swedish
  10. Scandinavian
  11. Portuguese
  12. Spanish (South American)
  13. Spanish (Central American)
  14. Russian
  15. Eastern European
  16. English (American Southern)
  17. German
  18. Japanese
  19. Spanish (Mexican)
  20. Spanglish (English/Spanish Blend)

How the Australians got so high on the list, I do not know.  This whole thing may be off?  You can visit the website here.

Author: Daily Ting