How to listen to YouTube music in the background with your Android

In YouTube, there is a good amount of music videos that make this development an excellent platform to enjoy songs that are difficult to find elsewhere (even, there are old recordings of television programs). But getting this in the background in Android terminals may not know how to get it. We explain how to do it.

The truth is that, as it is going to verify it is not very complex to get to hear the YouTube plays without being active on the screen of an Android terminal. And, for this, the best thing is not to use the application that is downloaded from the Play Store, but the Google Chrome browser that, by default, is included in the vast majority of phones and tablets with the development of the Mountain company. View (otherwise, we show you after this paragraph the link to download it).

Steps to listen to YouTube in the background

Once you have the browser on the device in question, to achieve the goal on YouTube, even if it is surprising, it is not necessary at first to open the web page of the streaming video player platform. Do the following without skipping any of the steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the icon on the top right that has three vertical points
  • Now of the options that you see on the menu that has been displayed, you have to choose the one called View as a computer. This you adjust the webs as if you were browsing with a laptop, to give an example
  • Now it is possible that when you access certain websites, a message appears to indicate that you allow notifications to be sent. Open the YouTube page and confirm this in case the aforementioned notice appears
  • Now, you can exit the Google browser and verify that the video you are using continues playing. You can see YouTube’s own controls when you display the notification bar (which is ideal for playlists)

As you can see, this is a very simple way to ensure that songs played on YouTube can still be heard despite the fact that the Chrome browser is not running in the foreground. Tomorrow we will indicate how to achieve this in a device with Apple’s iOS operating system – something that is completely possible, we already anticipate it.

Author: Daily Ting