5 classic SEGA games for your Android mobile

5 classic SEGA games for our Android mobile, If you’re a guy from the nineties you’ll know, well, the Mega Drive and Master System consoles. A much more ambitious, with spectacular graphics (for the time) of 16 bits. The other, a little more economical and with graphics ‘results ones’ of 8 bits. Both filled the homes of millions of children around the world, turning their rooms and rooms into magical fantasy worlds. Warriors fighting against orcs, crazy taxi drivers, a samurai with special powers … Everything was possible thanks to a small console and games that were introduced as cartridges and whose loading time was negligible.

And if you were born in the 90s, you’re already having an age. Time passes and consoles, tucked into their boxes, to know where they will go. And if console no longer has, mobile sure yes. If we have a cell phone and we like classic SEGA games, we are in luck. Today, October 27, a new SEGA game has appeared on the Play Store. Decap Attack adds, well, to another good handful of classic games of the brand so that you can enjoy them again. And without having to plug any device into the TV, playing comfortably from the sofa… or in the street, wherever you want.

Next, we propose you 5 classic SEGA games. This way you will remember those times of cartoons in the afternoon.

Decap Attack

Strident music is what welcomes us on the screen of presentation of the last game of SEGA to appear in the Play Store. Decap Attack is a game framed in the genre of strategies in which we give life to Chuck D. Head, a warrior who has lost his mind. Through various scenarios, we must face fearsome enemies, using our retractable stomach or jumping on top of them. Your character consists of 3 lives and each of them has 3 opportunities before losing it.

The game consists of three controls: laboratory, where you can use different items such as extra lives, stomach attack, and jumping. Fortunately, we can adjust the different movements to our liking. As a default, the first button directly accesses the lab, which hinders its playability. A game exclusively for lovers of platforms, with a typical music of the time and all the classic of a game of the genre.

You can now download free, with advertising, Decap Attack in the Play Store. If you want to eliminate advertising, it will cost you 2 euros.

Golden Ax

Say SEGA Mega Drive is Golden Ax. A mythical recreational machine, protagonist of hundreds and hundreds of salons, in which many children of the nineties left the pay. A classic arcade starring a warrior, a woman and a dwarf with which you will have to fight a thousand battles in a very Lord of the Rings environment. In the absence of application of Game of Thrones, it is worth a Golden Ax.

Under the name of Golden Ax Classic, with this mobile game, we will have an exact reproduction of the game of machines, with the advantage that we will not have to cast the relevant 5 dollars for the game. If you have played in the machines, you will know how the Golden Ax controls are. If not, here we show you what they are:

You have the attack with a sword: if you repeat pulsations, the character will go through different sword movements, even ending up grabbing the enemy and throwing him through the air. You also have the jump and jump attack. Finally, you can throw special poems with which to damage all enemies that are on the screen, at that time.

Remember your afternoons with the Golden Ax from Android with this free SEGA game with advertising. Without advertising, 2 euros.

Crazy Taxi

How can a game in which the protagonist is a taxi driver succeed? Well, the game was developed by SEGA and made the taxi driver mad at the wheel. With Crazy Taxi you will have to make dangerous combos with the car as you pick up customers and earn money with travel. This game was a great classic of the Dreamcast console, so its graphics are better than the previous ones that we have proposed.

The mobile adaptation of Crazy Taxi keeps everything that made this game one of the most original racing that has been for the console. In addition, we can enjoy the original soundtrack with themes from The Offspring and Bad Religion. Get behind the wheel of the craziest taxi and get ready to cause chaos on the road with Crazy Taxi.

Download now Crazy Taxi with ads. Free of them, 2 euros.

The Revenge of Shinobi Classic

A classic oriental fighting game, in which your hero moves laterally dueling against a large number of enemies. In The Revenge of Shinobi, you give life to Joe Musashi, a ninja with a thirst for revenge who fights against the evil criminal organization ‘Neo Zeed’. The game consists of 8 phases, each with its own final boss to beat.

In each phase, you should find enhancers that are hidden. These enhancers improve your ninja stars. In addition, you must be skilled in the art of ninjutsu, making use of legendary tactics with fire and lightning, to fight large groups of enemies. In addition, you can adjust the difficulty of the game in 4 levels, from beginner to master ninja. This game was also available, at a time, in recreational salons during the 1990s.

Download The Revenge of Shinobi Classic free with advertising. Inside you can buy the free version for 2 euros.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

A classic of sports games for the console. With the Virtua Tennis Challenge, you can be the protagonist of the next world tournament while comfortably traveling in the metro. A very realistic gaming experience, with impressive graphics. You can play with real professional players, participate in real tournaments and go up positions in the world rankings.

Download the free version of Virtua Tennis Challenge . for 2 euros you can unblock the ads.

Author: Daily Ting