One Wrestling Fan is Not Giving Up Until the WWE Brings WrestleMania to Vancouver

A Vancouver man could make a case that he is the biggest wrestling fan in all of Canada.  He has shown an unmatched dedication in his attempt to convince the WWE to bring their biggest show of the season to British Columbia.

If you are a wrestling fan and follow the WWE regularly, then there is a good chance that you have seen this Canadian at least once or twice.  He has shown up at WWE events all across North America holding up his sign that reads “Vancouver for WrestleMania”.

Jay, also known by the Twitter tag of @y2jdogg has been on his mission for a long time.  At least eight years when Vancouver was in talks of bringing the major wrestling event to town.

Canada has hosted WrestleMania twice before in 1990 and 2002, but both events were held in Toronto.  The nearest the major event has come to Vancouver was when Seattle hosted in 2003.

This year WrestleMania was held in New Orleans and next year’s show is scheduled for New Jersey.  However, that will not stop Jay on his campaign to see WWE’s biggest show happen on Canada’s west coast.

Author: Daily Ting