NHL Legends Names Like Gordie Howe Will Be Removed from the Stanley Cup

There are very few hockey players that are remembered as fondly as the likes of Gordie Howe and Maurice “Rocket” Richard.  Their place in the hockey legacy will always be remembered in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, their names will be removed from hockey’s most coveted prize this spring to make room for a whole new class.

Recognized as one of the most iconic trophies in all of sports, the Stanley Cup has been awarded to champion hockey teams since 1893.  However, this has created a bit of a situation, as every year the cup was engraved with the names of champion players, the space on the Stanley Cup quickly filled up.

For a long time, a new band would be added to the trophy to make room for a new generation of hockey elite.  Eventually, the cup became too large to manoeuvre, and in 1958 Lord Stanley’s Cup as we know it today, was limited to five bands including 13 championship teams per row.

Unfortunately, this means that every 13 years the bottom band is completed, and the top row must be removed to make room for another generation of winning teams.  The removed group is then placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame to be remembered forever.

This year, NHL championship franchises from 1954-65 are being removed from hockey’s holy grail.  Sadly this means legendary hockey names will no longer be hoisted above the ice.  Some of the most recognizable names being removed include the likes of Gordie Howe, Maurice “Rocket” Richard, and Bobby Hull.

Current NHL players know that their names will only appear on the cup for about 50 years, which makes winning every new season even more important.  Something to think about as the NHL Playoffs are about to kick off this month.

Author: Daily Ting