This Canadian Company is Making Jerseys for the Geek in You

There was a time when jocks and geeks did not mix.  However, with the rise in popularity of video games, comic books, and all of pop culture, these two worlds are more intermingled than ever before.  This Canadian company is making the line even more blurry by making these limited geek-themed sports jerseys.

 was founded in Toronto by a group of hockey fans that wanted to create unique, eye-catching uniforms.  Each month the company releases new limited-edition sports jerseys with themes from popular video games, movies, and cartoons.

“The most passionate enthusiasts are sports fans and geeks. So, we combined the two to create something that anyone could wear with pride,” said  president (and evil genius) Sean Damien. “And the same passion goes into every jersey we make.”

The company hand-makes the high-quality apparel and has a whole team of retro-inspired designers.   carries a limited-supply of their jerseys until they are gone for good.  There is also an entire collection of designs on the site still yet to be made.  The ‘By Demand’ section carries all the designs waiting to gain enough support to print, so be sure to add your name to your favourite jerseys.

With the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs kicking off this week everyone is going to be wearing their favourite jerseys.  For those of us whose team did not make it, or even for the non-regular hockey fan, these specialized custom jerseys are perfect.

If you need one as bad as I do, you can visit the Geeky Jerseys website, here.

Author: Daily Ting