Calgary Has a Restaurant that Has You Eat in Complete Darkness

There is a saying that presentation is 90 per cent of the meal.  So, what happens when you can’t see your food at all?  You would probably experience your meal in a whole new light.

That is the ideology of a new trend that has been picking up steam.  Restaurants are turning out the lights and allowing guests to enjoy their meals in complete darkness.  And now, Calgary has their own lights-out dining experience.

When you enter Dark Table, you will be blindfolded and navigated to your table by your servers.  You will be served a four-course meal without any idea what your food looks like.  The idea is to explore your food through texture, aroma, and taste.

What’s better, is Dark Table proudly employs members of the community that are visually impaired.

I would be happy to show you pictures of the amazing meals that Dark Table serves up, but, well…

For more information and to make a reservation, you can visit the Dark Table website, here.

I wonder if this would work for getting my children to eat their vegetables?

Author: Daily Ting