Alberta Could Be Getting A Glass Igloo Northern Lights Resort

One of the most magical parts of living in Canada is the unbelievable views of the northern lights.  The phenomenon is also a significant reason why travellers from around the world come here every year.  That is why Alberta is currently considering the idea of building a special resort explicitly designed with the intention of viewing the northern lights.

The hopes are to build this winter resort in Fort McMurray which has astounding views of the northern lights in October through to March.  There is also a chance of witnessing these lights from the Alberta town through the rest of the year.

The resort would closely resemble a famous Finland resort that allows guests to stay in glass igloos so that guests can view the amazing lights in comfort.  Northern lights have been a rising tourist attraction all over the world including Iceland, and our own Northwest Territories which just signed a partnership with a Chinese tourism company.’

The proposal made to Fort McMurray Tourism is still in the early stages, but the Alberta company is hoping to build this resort wants to stay “ahead of the demand,” and have construction completed in the next five to ten years.

Can we get this done sooner?

Author: Daily Ting