5 of The World’s Largest Attractions Around Canada: Gigantic Animals

Driving through Canada, you will find all sorts of weird and fascinating attractions.  But, one thing we love is our diverse wildlife.  That’s why all around the country you will find massive structures featuring our favourite creatures.

Here are five attractions around Canada that claim to be the “world’s biggest” designed with our favourite animals in mind:

Mac the Moose

At nearly 10-metres tall Mac the Moose is an impressive sculpture made from steel and concrete.  Mac calls Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan home, and at 10 tons we doubt he is going anywhere.

Life-Sized Monster Squid

In 1878, a giant squid washed up on the shores of Glover’s Harbour in Newfoundland.  The squid has been documented as the largest ever discovered, and so, the town built this massive statue to commemorate the beast.

World’s Largest Canada Goose

This massive bird is located in Wawa, Ontario, not only does the town claim he is the largest of its kind, but they also say it is the most photographed landmark on the continent.

World’s Largest Mosquito

Manitoba is known for having some pretty massive bugs, but this mosquito in Komarno takes the cake.  This one looks more like a nightmare than an attraction.

World’s Largest Dinosaur

The world’s largest dinosaur is one of the many prehistoric attractions of Drumheller, Alberta.  This beast is special though, not only can you climb inside of it, the monster even has its own website.

Author: Daily Ting