This Town in the United States is Called Little Canada

Often when you think about cultural landmarks you think about Chinatown or Little Italy, but did you know that Canada has its own “little” version?  The US town takes there namesake pretty seriously too, which makes the acknowledgement even more flattering.

Little Canada is actually a suburb of Minnesota’s Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Which means the Mighty Ducks from the movies may be Canadian after all-  Little Canadian.

The town was founded by a French-Canadian settler, Benjamin Gervais in 1844, decades before Canada’s Confederation.  The legend says that Gervais had no intention of settling in the US but travelled to far south.  He also wanted to name the town New Canada, but everybody kept calling it Little Canada, and it stuck.

The town is home to about 10,000 people and even has its own Tim Hortons- because, of course.  Our little buddy town promotes their namesake all over, from tourist gifts to their welcome sign which has a maple leaf and fleur de lis.

This town is so adorable; we should officially adopt it.  The whole this is pretty adorable, I wonder how much snow they get?

Author: Daily Ting