This Toronto University is Creating a First-Ever Scholarship for Transgendered People

The world continues to make amends for the many mistakes we have made when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community.  One heartbreaking incident has now turned into a positive in the way of a ground-breaking scholarship coming to this Toronto university.

In 2015, Somali Canadian and transgendered woman Sumaya Dalmar was found dead.  Unfortunately, her passing appeared to be related to her many struggles with racism, Islamophobia, and transphobia that Dalmar had faced throughout the city of Toronto.

Following Dalmar’s passing, her friend Lali Mohamed helped to raise money for a memorial through a GoFundMe page.  Thanks to an astounding amount of support the goal was not only reached but exceeded expectations.  With the excess money, they have decided to launch a scholarship in memory of Dalmar.

Toronto’s Ryerson University announced this week the introduction of the scholarship that will be for transgendered people of racial minorities.  The first of its kind, there are other awards for transgendered people, but nothing racially specific.

Annual winners will receive $1,000, with plans of keeping the scholarship going for at least the next five years.

Author: Daily Ting