Toronto is Hosting an Event for Eating Sugary Cereal and Watching Vintage Cartoons

Now, this is an event I can get behind.  What could possibly be more nostalgic than sitting in front of a screen watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating the sugariest breakfast cereal you can find?  The chance to have this trip back to childhood in front of a movie screen makes this Toronto event all that much more awesome.

The Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat Cereal Cartoon Party is taking place on April 14 at the Royal Cinema in Toronto.  Starting at 10 am, guests are invited to gorge on a buffet of endless delicious breakfast cereal while watching 3-hours of vintage cartoons- with all of the old-school commercials and public service announcements to boot.

The Royal describes the event as a “3-hour trip down memory lane with a tribute to the eye-popping, brain-addling Saturday morning cartoons of yore, complete with a smorgasbord of delicious sugary cereals (and yes, we have non-dairy too!)!”

The lineup for the shows is kept a secret until the event, but curator Kier-La Janisse promises obscure favourites from the 40’s through to the 80’s with “monsters, sci-fi, sleuths, superheroes, and all kinds of 2D silliness.”

Author: Daily Ting