Toronto is Getting Their First Ever Poutine Festival This Spring

If there is one thing that Canadians love, it’s hockey, but in a close second is our beloved poutine.  There is no fattening meal better than fries, gravy, and cheese.  What better reason to come together and celebrate than our shared love of the greasy dish?  Now, finally, poutine lovers in Toronto can unite, as the city is getting ready to host their first, ever, poutine festival.

The Toronto Poutine Fest is going to happen from May 24 – 27 in Yonge-Dundas Square.  The event will host nine food trucks that will dish out over 50 unique kinds of poutine inspired by flavours from across the world.

Some of the poutine dishes you can anticipate will include an onion ring poutine, a deep-fried cheese curd poutine, a Thai chicken poutine, a double bacon burger poutine, and a land and sea poutine which comes with a lobster tail and shrimp.

This delicious event is going to be free to enter, but you will need to purchase all the different flavours you want to try.  For more information, you can visit the official

Author: Daily Ting