Survey Determines Which Canadian Province is the Most Stressed Out

If you are feeling stressed lately, then you are not alone.  It turns out a lot of Canadians are feeling the same way.  Stress can cause a lot of issues for you, and that is why Statistics Canada wanted to know just how stressed out Canadians are.  But, it turns out that depending on where you are, you may feel more, or less stressed out.

StatsCan conducted a survey from Canadians across the country.  They asked citizens aged 12 and up if they thought most of the days in their lives were “quite a bit or extremely stressful.”

It turns out, over one in five Canadians feel consistently stressed.  Over 20% of the country must have a lot on their plates.

However, the countries stress levels are quite diverse depending on where you live.  The most stressed out province is Quebec, followed closely by Ontario both of which are above the national average.  The Atlantic provinces have been taking it easy with Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island with the lowest stress levels in the nation.

At least you know that you are not alone on those hard days.  Take it easy, Canada.

Author: Daily Ting