People on Social Media Want Canada and New Zealand to Join and Form “New Zanada”

Canada shares a lot of similarities with New Zealand.  Like the great white north New Zealand is home to friendly people and breath-taking landscapes.  It makes sense that our countries would be great friends, but what if we became more?  What if we combined our nations to become New Zanada?

New Zanada is not a new idea.  In fact, multiple groups across social media believe it is an excellent idea including a Facebook groupReddit threads, and Twitter accounts.  Hundreds of people are active on these pages sharing their thoughts and pride for “the nicest country in the world.”

A Facebook page titled ‘Dominion of New Zanada’ has over 700 followers.  One user even proposed that a tunnel should be built to connect Auckland and Vancouver.  Other proposals include combining currency into a New Zanadian Dollar (ZAD), and a national sport of rugby on ice.

There is also an ongoing feud with another fictional country that combines both of our nation’s dominant neighbours America and Australia called Ameristralia.

New Zanada sounds like the most delightful fictional place on the planet, eh, mate?

Author: Daily Ting