Online Survey Says People Want Canada to Take Over Alaska

There seems to be a push on the internet for Canada to expand with people on social media saying Canada should join with countries like New Zealand and Iceland.  Now, people are saying that Canada should incorporate another significant piece of land and it kind of makes sense.

A poll was taken on the social platform Reddit asked users which US state should join up with Canada.  While Washington and Maine got some significant votes, the majority of voters think Canada should annex Alaska.

Another poll asked Alaskans if they would be in favour of becoming Canada’s eleventh province- although, they should probably be a territory, just my opinion.  80% of voters agreed that Alaska should become a part of Canada

While it is all in good fun, I think most of us would agree that Alaska joining the great white north would make maps look nicer.  But, there is no way we are prying a whole state out of President Trump’s hands right now, and it is not

Author: Daily Ting