The New Corner Gas Animated Show is Holding a Hidden Easter Egg Contest

With Ready Player One now in theatres it has everybody on the lookout for Easter eggs in their favourite shows and video games.  Well, there is one contest happening, and it features Canada’s favourite new cartoon.

Corner Gas Animated debuted on the Comedy Network earlier this month, and it looks to be just as popular as the original series.  In fact, it was already announced as the network’s biggest debut in history.  A reported 280,000 fans tuned in to watch the first episode on April 2nd.

Despite the impressive audience, most of us probably missed a little Easter egg at the start of the show.  Now, the showrunners have announced that there is a secret message hidden inside all 13-episodes of the first season.  For those paying close enough attention throughout the season a “secret phrase” will appear.  Once you submit your answer, you are entered to win the big prize.

So, what is the prize?

The winners receive a trip for two to Regina, Saskatchewan where they will take in a Saskatchewan Roughriders game.  Also, winners will receive an exclusive tour through Rouleau, also known as Dog River the home of Corner Gas.

Keep your eyes peeled, as Corner Gas Animated is set to appear on Monday’s on the Comedy Network.  For more information on the contest, you can check

Author: Daily Ting