National Geographic has Named Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market as the Best in the World

Anyone who has lived in Toronto knows just how special a place the St. Lawrence Market is but, now it is being recognized on the world stage as the best food market.

National Geographic has recently released their list of the Top 10 Food Markets in the world, and Toronto’s pride and joy took the number one spot ahead of renowned markets in France, New York City, and St. Lucia.

“This farmers market emporium has operated since 1803 when it cohabited with Toronto’s city hall,” says the article.  “Redeveloped between the 1970s and 1990s after long neglect, the area’s mix of homes and businesses showcases urban regeneration. More than 120 retailers dispense everything from seafood to coffee.  The market is in Toronto’s old town; Saturday is market day.”

While it was listed on National Geographics list of ‘Food Markets’, there is much more than produce to buy and enjoy. Not only does St. Lawrence offer a farmer’s market on Saturdays, but it is also a traditional market during the week and an antique market on Sundays.

It also hosts a number of events that entail everything from practical macron making classes to Friday Night Feasts.

Vendor Stores types at the Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market

Artisan goods

Anything Goes Accessories - Artisan Goods - St Lawrence Market
Anything Goes Accessories – source

When you want to treat yourself, or someone close to you there are many stores that sell artisan goods of all types.

From boutique jewelery and clothing to organic chocolates to specialised wine cellars, there are plenty of stores throughout the market to indulge.


St Lawrence Juice Bar - St Lawrence Market
St Lawrence Juice Bar – source

Exceptional coffee, refreshing juices, wine cellars and even Paddington’s for beer to relax.

Bulk Foods

Rube's Rice - Bulk Foods - St Lawrence Market
Rube’s Rice

One of the key joys of market shopping is being able to buy in bulk straight from the source.

Whether lollies or candies from Dominos, nuts or seeds from Peter’s Natural Health Foods, Imported coffee beans from Luba’s or rice, dried peas or beans from Rube’s Rice, St. Lawrence has what you are looking for.


Scheffler's Delicatessen & Cheese - Cheese -St LA=awrence Market

Scheffler’s Delicatessen & Cheese – source

The cheese and dairy products that St Lawrence Markets has to offer is one of the factors that would have helped to elevate it to National Geographics recognition.

With hundreds of years of combined experience in cheese, the cheese vendors that ply their trade (mainly on the Upper Level) is worth a visit in itself.

This is complemented by the beautiful dairy products from vendors like Montforte Dairy and Sheldon Creek Dairy, as well as the fresh eggs from Sunrise Egg Farms that can be picked up every Saturday.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Ponesse Foods - Fruit and Vegetables - St Lawrence Markets
Ponesse Foods. 
source: St Lawrence Markets

The majority of fresh produce stalls can be found in the North Market (although some of the longest established vendors are found in other areas, so they are worth checking out).

There is a strong focus on quality and organic produce at most stalls and many specialise in a specific product such as Sovereign Farms delicious grape tomatoes

Meat and Poultry

Di Liso's Fine Meats - Meat and Poultry - St Lawrence's Market
Di Liso’s Fine Meats. source

St Lawrence’s Market boasts specialist in every type of meat. From real organic chicken, to AAA grade beef, to incredible sausages and cured meats. If you’re a committed carnivore, this is the place for you.

Most meat vendors can be found on the Upper Level of the market.


Carousel Bakery - Bakery - St Lawrence Market
Carousel Bakery. source

From artisan loaves to desserts, there is plenty of this to be found as well.

Check our Carousel’s World Famous Peameal Bacon Sand­wich, a bagel from St. Urbain’s or a heavenly brownie from Eve’s Temptations.


Food from Paddington's Pump - St Lawrence Markets
Food from Paddington’s Pump – source

Whether you want to grab lunch on the go while shopping or have a sit down meal, the options are there in huge variety, from fresh fish and chips, to sushi to crepes.

Here are the full top ten food markets according to National Geographic:

  1. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada
  2. Union Square Greenmarket, New York City, USA
  3. Castries Market, St. Lucia
  4. Ver-o-Peso, Belém, Brazil
  5. Mercado Central, Santiago, Chile
  6. Kreta Ayer Wet Market, Singapore
  7. Kauppatori, Helsinki, Finland
  8. La Vucciria, Palermo, Italy
  9. Cours Saleya, Nice, France
  10. Borough Market, London, England
Author: Daily Ting