This Limited Specialty Maple Ale Could Be Canada’s New Favourite Beer

Four different craft breweries in the Muskoka region have come together to launch a beer inspired by sugar bush season. The collaborative effort has put this brew on tap just in time for Ontario’s maple harvest.

It is called the Pancake Breakfast Specialty Maple Ale and is being described as “a golden brown ale that is inspired by a perfectly flipped pancake.” Sounds amazing!

A post from Sawdust City Brewing Company describes some of the processes to get the maple flavour into this beer: “brewed with maple sap incorporated into the base water, pure maple syrup being added to the boiling process and a third dose of syrup being added during the secondary fermentation process.”

Only available for a short period, the new draught is part of the celebrations for the Muskoka Maple Trail Festival which runs until April 20. You can grab a pint of this speciality beer at the taprooms of Lake of Bays Brewing Company, Muskoka Brewery, Sawdust City Brewing Company, and Clear Lake Brewing Company.

The Pancake Breakfast Specialty Maple Ale is a must-try beer for any Canadian with beer and maple syrup in their veins.

Author: Daily Ting