There is a Lake in Canada that is Pink All Year Round

Recently, Daily Tings released an article about Cameron Falls in Alberta which in the right conditions will turn the waters to a pink colour, making a pink waterfall.  There have been many debates over if this could actually happen.  Honestly, the event is so rare that locals may go their entire lives without witnessing the phenomenon.  However, pink water is not as unrealistic as you may think.  There are many pink lakes hidden around the world, and one of them happens to be in Canada.

It isn’t necessarily that easy to Google, however, as there is a lake in Canada called ‘Pink Lake’ but confusingly that one is more well known for turning a deep green at a certain time of year.

The lake that is pink in colour (but not name) is called Dusty Rose Lake and is found in Tweedsmuir Park north of Bella Coola, British Columbia. 

What makes the lake pink?

Its characteristic colour is caused by pigmented particles in the natural glacier waters that feed the lake.  Unlike other pink lakes that are coloured by byproducts of saline-eating bacteria and algae, Dusty Rose Lake is devoid of life.  In fact, the water is anoxic, or without oxygen.

Can you hike to Dusty Rose Lake?

While there is plenty of great hikes to do in Tweedsmuir Park, along with great places for horse-riding, angling and canoeing, the lake sits in a remote section, making it difficult to access most of the year and while hikers do make their way to view it, there is no official walking trails to get there. 

Closest hiking area (Octopus Lake Trail)
Dusty Rose Lake to Octopus Lake
Octopus Lake distance from Dusty Rose Lake

The most reliable way to see the strawberry milkshake-esque waters (unfortunately) is booking a fly over.

Other amazing Pink Lakes around the world

1. Lake Hillier in Australia

Pink Lake - Lake Hillier in Australia

Lake Hillier (referred to as Pink Lake Hillier is found in Western Australia right next the Pacific Ocean, giving a beautiful contrast of deep blue water next to 600 meters of bright pink.

The pink/red colour is created by a combination on red bacteria and dye created by micro-organisms processing the salt content.

2. Lake Masazir in Azebaijan

Pink Lake - Lake Masazir in Azebaijan

This lake is given it’s hue by concentrated salt and sulphate, which is farmed from the water and is a large source of industry in the area.

The trip out to Lake Masazir is a bit long (and the view is obscured by a fence) but you can get there by public transport and it is still pretty stunning to see.

3. Salina De Torrevieja in Spain

Pink Lake - Salina De Torrevieja in Spain

Another lake that gets its colour from salt, Salina De Torrevieja is one of the most stunning of those on the list.

And to top it off flamingos can often been seen in the water, which gives a truly unique spectical of pink on pink.

4. Lake Retba in Africa

Pink Lake - Lake Retba in Africa

Under an hour away from Dakar (the capital city of Senegal) is Lake Retba, or, as it is known to locals, Lake Rose.

The pink tinge in this lake is due to salt water algae that lives in the waters that have salt levels that have been measured up to 40% in some areas.

Like other lakes on the list the salt in the water is a source of industry for locals who harvest it from Retba’s waters, protecting their skin by rubbing it in Shea Butter

5. Hutt Lagoon in Australia

Pink Lake -  Hutt Lagoon in Australia

Back to Australia, another salt lake that gets its colour from algae is Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia.

Depending on the time of day you view the lake’s waters, and what season you visit the colour can range from looking bubble-gum pink to a faint lilac purple. This can depend on a range of factors including light, cloud cover and the salinity of the water (as seawater seeps into the lagoon).

The lake can be reached via road and is situated between the towns of Geraldton and Kalbarri

6. Laguna Colorado in Bolivia

Pink Lake - Laguna Colorado in Bolivia

This shallow lake in Bolivia (and just near the border with Chile) gets its colour from algae and red pigment from the earth. Like Salina De Torrevieja, flocks of flamingos can be seen in the waters.

To travel to Laguna Colorado takes a bit of planning. Most people take a 3 day 4WD trip from the small town of Uyuni. Many companies offer organised tours to see the lake.

Author: Daily Ting