Indeed Releases List of Top Paying Jobs in Canada Right Now

Finding work in Canada is one thing but finding a job that pays well is another.  Indeed.comhas those looking at building a new career covered releasing their list of the top paying jobs across the country that are available right now.

According to Indeed’s data the best fields to be in are medical, finance, and tech professions, as they are paying the top bucks today.

A release from managing director at Indeed Canada, Jodi Kasten said, “according to the 2016 Census, 16.9 per cent of Canada’s population is aged 65 or older. This gives rise to a growing need for highly-paid medical professionals, who top our list in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.”

“Canada’s financial sector and growing technology industry are also home to some of the top paying jobs out there right now: Software Architect and VP of Finance top our lists in Montreal and Ottawa.”

These are the top paying jobs in Canada:

Radiologist, Toronto – $291,207.40

Emergency Medicine Physician, Vancouver – $290,238.45

Physician, Edmonton – $235,863.85

Physician, Calgary – $227,343.30

VP of Finance, Ottawa – $122,396.37

Software Architect, Montreal – $105,069.41

Author: Daily Ting