Even English-Speaking Canadians Don’t Speak the Same Language

While we are all very proud to be Canadian, it turns out there is a lot of diversity in the way we speak- even when just referring to the Anglophones.  Canada has always been a hodgepodge of American and British terminology with a little bit of our own words spread in there for good measure.  However, a new study shows that we may not be all on the same page.

Online publication, 10 and 3, conducted the study over social media, surveying over 9,500 people across the nation who live in the same regions they grew up in.  By following their terminology, 10 and 3 discovered some glaring differences around the great white north.

There are some very differing opinions on what Canadians should call running shoes and supper.  Very Canadian terms like ‘pencil crayons’ and ‘toque’ were not even safe, as the east coast likes to refer to them as ‘leads’ and ‘stocking cap’.  And apparently, in the east, they call kickball ‘soccer baseball’.  Is that real?  I will have to check on that.

Also, very surprising was not all Canadians can agree on the name for a hooded sweater, while most of us call it a hoodie, Saskatchewan goes by the adorable name of ‘bunnyhug’.

Even cities are not safe as the west coast is adamant in pronouncing the second “t” in Toronto.  Honestly, we didn’t think that was wrong.

And, here’s a few more for your entertainment.

Author: Daily Ting