Check Out This Amazing Snowshoe Art Created in the Rocky Mountains

Canada may have just found our greatest art media.  I mean other than rolling up rims and making great hockey plays.

This man creates amazing pieces of art out of freshly fallen snow.

Simon Beck specializes in creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art with nothing but his snowshoes.  The results are stunning, detailed, and something to behold.

Beck has recently documented a trek into the Alberta Rockies where he sketched out the Canada Goose logo.  It took Beck 13 non-stop hours to complete and is roughly the size of two football fields.

“I strive for a connection between my art and the landscape,” says Beck.  “I can see all of it in my mind’s eye, basically I’ve got a picture of it drawn onto my brain like a mental map.”

Although Beck is from France he is welcome to Canada anytime, as long as he is going to make these massive, mind-blowing pieces of art.  There is not a Canadian who would not love his work.

Don’t take our word for it, check out this video and see his amazing work for yourself.

If you are ready for more, we highly recommend checking out Becks Facebook page here:

Author: Daily Ting