Canadians Can Now Buy “Doomsday” Emergency Food Kits at Costco

There are more than just a few of us that believe that the apocalypse may be upon us.  Movies and TV shows centre around a potential doomsday have become a centrepiece in pop culture.  TV series Doomsday Preppersshows that there are many people out there that take the end of the world very seriously.  Thanks to Costco you can now get yourself ready for the apocalypse in one quick swoop.

Costco- the exact place you would want to go during the apocalypse- is offering families a chance to be prepared for the end of days.  “Doomsday” food kits, or “all-purpose readiness kits” put together enough food to feed a family of four for up to a year.  Each kit offers food and beverages that can be prepared in under 20 minutes simply by adding water.  Some of the offerings include Spanish rice, vegetable stew, and pasta with marinara sauce.

Costco Canada’s website currently offers the one option, the “Chef’s Banquet” brand.  For a 12,060 portion with a shelf life of 20-years, this readiness kit will only swing you $6,499.99.  These meals promise to supply the proper nutrition your family needs during a disaster.

Is Costco trying to warn us about something?

Author: Daily Ting