A Canadian Photographer Has Captured a Video of two Wildcats Fighting

An Alberta photographer has just had an experience he won’t forget when he witnessed two wild lynxes get into a brawl last week.  Thankfully, he was lucky enough to catch the whole thing on video and now it is going viral.

Spring is a hot time in the wild, as it marks the coming of the warmth it also means that many animals are in heat.  Wildcats like lynx get particularly feisty this time of year, especially with each other.  Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts know that spring is a good time to be on the lookout for these creatures, but one man did not expect to be in the middle of the action.

Amos Wiebe is a hobby photographer who was out near Grande Prairie, Alberta hoping to catch some photos of local owls.  He ended up seeing a lot more, as he eyed two lynxes going through some aggressive mating rituals.  As the lynxes chased each other up a tree, he bravely got in closer for a video of all the action.

The video shows the two animals taking swipes at each other while making ear-wrenching screams.  Wiebe says that he saw at least two more of the cats running around the same area, although he is keeping the location pretty close to the chest, so it doesn’t get infested with on-lookers.

You can find more of Wiebe’s wildlife photography on his Facebook page, here.

Author: Daily Ting