Canadian Man Has Created an Urban Legend About a Cape Breton Beer Thief

When news broke out about a resident beer thief in Nova Scotia, locals banded together in hopes of finding him.  Because in Canada nobody steals someone’s beer and gets away with it.  The only problem is, the thief never existed in the first place.

It began with a Facebook post put up by a man named Ronnie Talbot in the Cape Breton Rant Room.  Talbot was in search of “a guy named Terry from the Pier” who had allegedly stolen a 24-case of beer from the back of his truck while Talbot was “taking a piss in Tims.”

The story began to go viral, and Cape Breton residents were on the high lookout for a man only known as “Terry from the Pier.”  A crowdfunding campaign even raised money for Talbot that reportedly raised over $400.  Nova Scotia band, Pretty Archie, wrote a song about Talbot’s misfortune, and media across Canada were deep into the story.

CBC became involved and started investigating around Cape Breton.  They discovered that not only was there no “Terry from the Pier” but, there is no Ronnie Talbot.  CBC managed to find the author of the now famous Facebook post, and he quickly admitted that it was all fake.

However, Cape Breton residents are now convinced that there is a man named “Terry from the Pier” who tints car windows for cash, that is stealing beers around town.

A new Canadian urban legend is born.

Author: Daily Ting