Canada is Home to This Stunning Hidden Pink Waterfall

Canada is home to many beautiful lakes, rivers, and ponds.  Across the nation, you can find blues, and greens, and crystal-clear waters.  But, this unique waterfall changes into a pink colour on certain occasions.

Cameron Falls in Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park is a beautiful site year-round when it runs pristine clear waters.  However, when the area sees abnormally heavy rain, the water is mixed with a sediment called argolite.  The result sees the waterfall emit a rich pink colour when light is reflected on it.  The pink waterfall fills a reservoir of the same pink tone.

To be able to witness the colour change you would need to be pretty lucky.  The conditions have to be just right for the water to become pink.  Photographers that have been lucky enough to capture the unique event recommend visitors aim to visit during the rainy seasons.

For those hoping to witness the phenomenon, the falls are just a short hike, and there is a viewing area and bridge if you don’t mind watching from a distance.  However, be prepared that the pink waters are very rare and require a lot of patience to be seen.

Author: Daily Ting