Canada is in Good Position to Become a Global Superpower in the Next Few Decades

Canada has gained a reputation as the quiet little brother of the much more boisterous United States.  It has kept the world from taking our nation seriously at times, despite Canada continuously being at the forefront of global issues and influence.  However, the great white north may be in a ripe position to rise to global superpower status within our lifetime.

Experts across the globe agree that the world’s economy is changing.  One of the most significant factors is the United States diminishing influence on the international stage.  The U.S. is expected to slip behind China as the world’s largest economy by 2050, and countries like India and Japan are right behind them.

This economic shift gives Canada an opportunity to raise its international influence thanks to factors that are already in place.  Three fundamental strengths could put Canada on top according to the Financial Post; natural resources, a good government, and cultural tolerance.

Our country is well placed with an abundant amount of natural resources that will keep Canada’s economy operating for a long time.  Renewable freshwater and a wealth of oil and gas could give Canada the edge as the world faces climate change.  Add that to a government that is minimally controversial and corrupt, and we can expect long-running stability.

But, it is Canada’s immigration policies that could tip the balance.  Immigration candidates are scored on skills, experience, education, and adaptability, and only the best are rewarded with a permanent residence.  All the added talent gives Canada the edge in research and innovation when shaping a new world economy.

It may be a few more decades, but Canada could one day be at the top, and we can use our little American brother to make us some fun movies.

Author: Daily Ting