You Can Walk on Glass 900 Feet in the Air Above a Cliff in Alberta

This one might not be for those afraid of heights- or of breaking glass for that matter.  There is a walkway that hangs over the edge of a cliff above a 918-foot drop, and the floor is made of glass.

Banff, Alberta is a national park full of great views and adventure, but this one-of-a-kind attraction is something else.  The Glacier Skywalk is a glass platform that reaches out over the edge of a vast cliff.

A one-kilometre hike to the skywalk leads through waterfalls, fossils, and wildlife.  Once you reach the walkway, the sights are breathtaking with views of the Rockies, glaciers, and Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Located in the Sunwapta Valley, the local ecosystem is unique.  Not only is this region remote and challenging to get to, but it is also located south of the Columbia Ice Fields.  The Glacier Skywalk gives you a chance to see how the ice fields affect the local landscape and environment.

A stroll on the Glacier Skywalk is $31 per courageous person.  For more information, you can visit and make bookings, here.

Author: Daily Ting