You Can Drive Across 11 Islands on this Epic Road Trip in Ontario

As the weather starts to get warmer around Canada, it may be time to think about your next summer adventure.  This beautiful road trip in Ontario may be worth your while as you can explore eleven different islands all from one road.

The Long Sault Parkway connects a series of islands over the St. Lawrence River.  The long road which includes parks, beaches, and campgrounds is connected through bridges and causeways.

The construction of a seaway in the 1950’s caused massive flooding in the area which now leaves these high points of land along the river.  Below the water level are several abandoned villages that thrived in the area before the flooding.  The ‘Lost Villages’ makes this a unique destination for scuba exploration.

Besides the one-of-a-kind road trip, there are plenty of stops to make.  The islands offer multiple campgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, and beaches to explore.  There is also a Lost Villages Museum, a bird sanctuary, and it is located near the township of Cornwall.

There is plenty of adventure to be had along the Long Sault Parkway.  For more information, you can visit the St. Lawrence Parks website, here.

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