Americans Get Their First Taste of All Dressed Chips and Get a Lesson on the Canadian Classic

Ruffles have debuted an All Dressed brand of chips in America, and because they had never heard of the flavour before Ruffles had to include a disclaimer on what ‘All Dressed’ even means.

The bag includes an emblem letting Americans know that All Dressed is the bestselling flavour in Canadian markets. But, it also consists of a little tidbit titled “I bet you’re wondering what ‘All Dressed’ means.”

“After all, in America it just means you’re wearing all your clothes,” says the back of the bag. “But in Canada ‘All Dressed’ actually mean delicious ridgy chips that somehow taste salty, savory & sweet all at the same time.”

“Sounds good, eh?”

It sounds great, and it is a good reminder that we could all go for a bag of All Dressed right now.

Only time will tell if our neighbours to the south will understand all of the different flavours involved in the Canadian classic. And, we will wait for a later date to explain to them why that isn’t how we spell savoury.

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