An Abandoned Haunted Mental Hospital in Ontario Has Been Turned into A Paintball Arena

Nothing could possibly go wrong.  No horror story ever starts out at an abandoned mental hospital.  Yet, sure enough, somebody found one and decided it would be cool to turn it into a gigantic paintball arena.

Prince Edward Heights in Picton, Ontario has had many lives including a military barracks before it was a government-run “hospital for the mentally disabled.”  The old hospital has been abandoned for many decades, and paranormal investigators have been known to report supernatural activity in and around the site.

While the hospital was operating, there were many unconfirmed reports involving patient abuse and murder.  Visitors have told stories involving random screams, moving objects, and even glowing orbs.  A walk through the old hospital today is like a walk through a horror movie with peeling walls and dilapidated furniture.

What better place for some paintball.

PRZ Paintball company has kept the facility much as it was, besides the fact that it now operates as a full-time paintball field.  Visitors can hide and wander through some of the creepiest terrain possible in a paintball match like none other.

For more information you can find the official PRZ Paintball

Author: Daily Ting