Stay Warm Toronto February is Expected to Bring Brutal Winter Weather

After an already exceedingly cold winter that saw temperatures in Toronto dip below -40 C with wind chill, the worst is still on its way. Historically, February is one of the cities coldest months and brings the most snowstorms. Unfortunately, this year will be no different.

Toronto has been enjoying a nice break from the frozen weather with some of the best temperatures of the season coming in recent days. However, that is about to change as soon as the end of the week.

According to Weather Network Meteorologist Doug Gillham, the next round of winter could come in strong. A “stormy transition back to winter” could come as soon as February 2, which should keep that pesky optimistic groundhog at bay with his false promises of early spring.

Besides a quick storm, the chilly weather could be sticking around. “February (and into March) has the potential to be similar to what we experienced during late December and early January,” says Gillham.

I hope you haven’t started packing away that winter gear just yet, two more months of arctic air is on its way. Enjoy these last few days as the mercury should climb above zero for a couple of more days midweek.

Author: Daily Ting