Ottawa Set to Host the World’s Largest Beer Pong Festival This Spring

Beer pong has become ever popular in the last few generations.  It is a staple in colleges and house parties across the country and is the world’s most famous drinking game.  It’s a sport that requires little activity, a certain amount of skill, a tolerance for alcohol, and a love for competitive socialisation.

It may come as a surprise to many that last year Ottawa broke a Guinness World Record for holding the largest beer pong tournament in history and they are getting ready to break their own record later this year.

Palooza Beer Pong Festival will be hosting their second annual event on April 28th at the Aberdeen Pavilion.  The not-for-profit event raises money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Foundation.

Besides the massive tournament, the festival also offers live music, an outdoor food court, a celebrity MC, and more.

All you need to enter is a partner and a cool matching uniform- which could literally be anything your creative minds can put together.  Entrance to the tournament costs $85.41 per team, or if you just want to join the party tickets are $30.95 each.

For more information on this record-breaking event check the website here.

Author: Daily Ting