Ontario Continues Plans for High-Speed Train Between Toronto and Windsor

Good news for Ontario commuters, the province has taken the next steps in the construction of a high-speed electric train that would connect Toronto and Windsor.  The historic development would cut travel times in half between the two major cities.

The first of its kind in Canada, the rail service is intended to provide cleaner, faster travel for residents in the southwestern area of Ontario.  The electric-powered train would have speeds reaching upwards of 250 km/h, reducing a four-hour commute between Windsor and Toronto to two hours.

The next step in the development is to establish an environmental assessment terms of reference for the planned stretch between Kitchener and Waterloo-London.  These assessments will help determine environmental impact, energy requirements, ridership, and parking needs.

The rail service expects to service well over seven million Ontario residents, and would connect the townships of Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Chatham, and Windsor.  Economic benefits are estimated to yield over $20 billion over a 60-year span by reducing automobile operating costs, greenhouse gases, and road congestion.  The train is expected to be completed between Toronto and London as early as 2025, with the full project extension to Windsor by 2031.

More information on the planned development can be found on the province of Ontario website at

Author: Daily Ting