Jason Momoa Arrives to Canadian Blizzard Without a Coat (Video)

There are few requirements when coming to Canada.  A good attitude and a jacket, that’s about it.  Unfortunately, Justice League star Jason Momoa forgot one of those when he arrived in Newfoundland earlier this month.  Hint: it’s not his good attitude, Momoa has that in spades.

The start of January was cold across the nation, with record-setting temperatures happening coast to coast.  It has been one of the country’s worst winters in recent memory, and Momoa found out the hard way.

The star arrived in Newfoundland mid-storm and instantly regretted it.  Instead of dashing his way to warmth, Momoa decided he would share his misfortune on Instagram.

“I’m in Newfoundland.  Check this sh*t out,” said the Game of Thrones star in the video, “And I forgot my coat.  How could you possibly forget your coat?  Cause I’m an idiot.”

In Game of Thrones, he was a king of a desert tribe.  In Justice League, he thrived in a world underwater.  In real life, Momoa is from Hawaii.  Any way you cut it, he is not suited for the Canadian climate.

Momoa is in Canada filming the third season of Frontier, and hopefully, he has purchased a quality jacket.

Author: Daily Ting