20 of the Most Ridiculous Laws Across Canada

Canada has had some ridiculous laws over its 150 years.  Some of them are outdated, and some you can tell are only against the law because one guy ruined it for the rest of us.

We have put together a list of the 20 most outrageous things you could be arrested for in Canada.  If you are doing any travelling be sure to check the list before you break any laws like building a snowman too tall, or whistling in Ontario.

  1. Bullying Oysters anywhere in Canada
  2. Giving children balloon animals on the street in Victoria, BC
  3. Keeping cows in your house in Newfoundland
  4. Climbing a tree in Oshawa, Ontario
  5. Setting fire to a wooden leg in Alberta
  6. Exercising in a way that scares a horse without permission in BC
  7. Wearing a t-shirt if you’re driving a taxi in Halifax.
  8. Dragging a dead horse down the street in Toronto on Sundays
  9. Walking downtown with your shoes untied in Fort Mc’Appelle, Quebec
  10. Buying non-prescription contact lenses in Calgary, Alberta
  11. Eating ice cream along Bank street Ottawa on Sunday
  12. Drawing Crime Comics anywhere in Canada
  13. Having more than 3.5 inches of water in your bathtub in Etobicoke, Ontario
  14. Building a snowman taller than 30 inches in Souris, PEI
  15. Having more than two colours of paint on your house in Beaconsfield, Quebec
  16. Whistling in Petrolia, Ontario
  17. Swearing in French in Montreal
  18. Letting go of more than ten helium balloons within 24 hours in Toronto
  19. Carrying a snake in public in Fredericton, New Brunswick
  20. Scaring the Queen of England… ever.

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