Zombie Survival Camp is Coming to Ontario This Spring

Zombie Survival School is a very real thing, and they have been training, sharing, and providing programs for four years. A resourceful team of zombie experts teach Canadians across the country in the art of surviving.

Those looking to get ready for the real-life Walking Dead can sign up for a weekend of training and exciting activities like archery, weapons training, foraging, tactics, and specialised “Zomjitsu” lessons. The end of your weekend of experiences is topped off with a full-out zombie outbreak simulation.

If you have no interest in doing any of the training and would rather join the other side, Zombie Survival School is always on the look-out for volunteer zombies, and offer a free lunch- I can neither confirm nor deny if the free meal contains brains.

There are multiple events being offered this year including a PVC Bowmaking workshop in Toronto. Check out the website for full details:

Author: Daily Ting