Toronto Escape Room Locks You in the Back of a Serial Killer’s Van

Escape rooms have been sweeping across the nation as the latest craze.  The team activity requires some unique skills and challenges you to cooperate under stressful situations.  For the most part, it is a fun game that puts your fear and rational thinking to the test.  However, one Toronto company has decided to take the fun completely out of it, leaving a van full of fear.

No Way Out is a game company from Ontario that has stepped up the escape room game by taking it mobile.  Van Escape is the first of its kind and fully immerses people in an abduction simulation.

Only one or two players are allowed in the game at one time and offers the contestant 45 minutes to complete or fall into the hands of the serial killer.  No Way Out warns that Van Escape is intended for experts of escape room and will require substantial searching skills and lateral thinking.  The 18+ event also has a height and weight restriction, which should give you a reason to worry.

The website offers a synopsis of the storyline, which gives more reason to worry:

“He’s a disturbed serial killer. He’s been stalking you for months before he executes his plan. He throws you in the back of his van. He’s driving recklessly, and it’s dark. It’s a game to him; watching you struggle before he kills you. You don’t have to panic. You have two choices: accept the unknown, or fight for your life and escape.”

Find more information, including restrictions on the No Way Out website at

Author: Daily Ting