Has a Canadian Man Proven the Existence of the North American House Hippo?

Originally introduced in a nation-wide public service announcement meant to educate Canadians on critical thinking with regards to what is advertised on television, house hippos soon became a cultural phenomenon.  20 years later and the debate over whether house hippo’s existence is still going on.
Well, one Reddit user believes he has finally cracked the case.  He claims that house hippos do exist, have always existed and are living under our very noses.  His theory claims that perhaps we have been mistaking another animal for the beloved house invader, the hairless guinea pig.

You can see the resemblance when you look at the image of the hairless guinea pig.  Which begs the question, are all guinea pigs decedents of the house hippo?  Have we been getting it wrong this whole time?  Should we be calling them guinea hippos?</p>

As much as the evidence proves the case, many Canadians, including myself will still be checking for footprints when we leave peanut butter crumbs laying around.  Just in case.

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