Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth’ Commercial Makes Comeback Amid Laundry Pod Craze

This has been going on for a few weeks now, and you think the Tide Pod joke would have passed over by now but, here we are. What started as a simple joke that Tide Pods look like a delicious, sugary snack, has gained such traction that the less-clever internet users have now tested just how digestible they are.

Many would say good riddance. If someone is dumb enough to poison themselves intentionally than society probably isn’t going to miss them.

However, the phenomenon has become so popular that Health Canada had to issue an official warning. I feel like I shouldn’t need to mention this, but laundry detergent is a toxic substance that could cause serious health problems if ingested. Tide Pod = death.

Amidst the discussion over the laundry detergent excitement one Reddit user thought it was a great time to bring back an old Canadian commercial. The “Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth” ad was aimed at children to deter them from putting random objects in their mouths. Despite this commercial airing nearly 25 years ago it does feel like an appropriate message for today’s youth who are purposefully eating poison.

So, “remember boys and girls,” as the ad reminds us, “though it might look good to eat, and it might look good to taste, you could get sick, real quick. Real sick, real ick.

Author: Daily Ting